Three Year Old Program

butterfly releaseThe major developmental focus of our 3 year old program is socialization.

Our nurturing staff and well equipped classrooms provide the ideal setting for exploring relationships, making friends and learning to be part of a group.

In the 3 year old class, children are exposed to age-appropriate art, science, music, movement, language and number experiences. Children are most interested in reading about their own activities and our language program is designed to include their personal experiences. Through dictation, labeling and storytelling, children begin to make the connection between the spoken language and printed word. Mathematical concepts become tangible for 3 year olds as they measure pumpkins, sort buttons, sequence Legos, count the children in their class, count candles on a menorah, search for shapes in their classrooms and set tables for snack. Thematic units revolve around the holidays and changing seasons. Towards the end of the school year, as we observe firsthand the metamorphosis of caterpillars to butterflies, we reflect on the growth and change in the children.