Financial Participation

From time to time there are questions regarding financial participation at Temple Sinai. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers on this topic. Please note that members who have received an arrangement for special financial consideration may have different payment terms. Contact Joseph Slade, Executive Director, for additional information at

1. How can I pay my bill? What methods of financial participation are available?

  • Checks
  • Automated withdrawal from a bank account (ACH). There is no additional fee. Click here for the form.
  • Credit card — When using your credit card to pay membership dues / other fees, as well as tuition and school-related fees, there is an additional 3% credit card convenience fee. Click here for the form.

2. For membership, building fund (and other fees), when is my financial participation due?

  • Members are strongly encouraged to provide payment in full upon receipt of this statement for the new temple year.
  • To receive High Holy Day tickets, at least 50% of membership, building fund and other fees must be paid no later than September 1. When the start of Rosh Hashanah is close to Labor Day, payment by August 1 is strongly recommended.
  • While payment in full at this time is requested for membership, building fund and other fees, you have the option to pay 50% no later than September 1, 2016, 25% by November 1 and 25% by January 1, 2017.

3. For religious school tuition, when is my financial participation due?

  • Religious school tuition payment in full is due by July 1 along with your registration material. In order for your child to start classes on a timely basis, payment in full for religious school tuition, including any applicable late fee is required as soon as possible and must be received no later than September 1. Please be aware that a pre-requisite for school registration is that your membership account is completely up-to-date.