We are thrilled to share that the Hineini Capital Campaign is nearly 60% towards our congregation’s $10 million target! Thank you so much to all those who have already stepped forward, starting with our lead donors. To all Hineini supporters to date, your leadership and determination are making our success possible!

We are pleased to recognize the households who have already made generous commitments – across a wide range of gifts – thus far. You can see them listed below, and we look forward to adding your family’s name to the list in the near future.

With Spring upon us and Passover quickly approaching, we urge you to make your gift to the Campaign and be part of the advancement—and future— of Temple Sinai for years to come.

Our Board of Trustees and the Campaign Committee are reaching out to all Temple Sinai members to ask those not yet committed to join our entire community in participating in this generational effort. To meet even sooner and accelerate our momentum, please contact us.

Thank you again to those who have already participated, and in advance to those who have not yet made a pledge, ensuring that Temple Sinai remains vibrant and welcoming for our community today and for future generations.

Ilana Matteson (ilanamatteson@optonline.net)
Rob Goldstein (robg@genproinc.com)
Hineini Co-Chairs

Abraham – $1,000,000+ Sarah – $500,000 – $999,999 Isaac – $250,000 – $499,999
Maggie Kaplen – The Kaplen Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jacobs
The Henry & Marilyn Taub Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Jason Rubach
Ms. Naida Wharton
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Zaikov


Rebecca – $100,000 – $249,999 Jacob – $50,000 – $99,999 Leah – $25,000 – $49,999
Mr. & Mrs. George Bean Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Ginzburg Ms. Cheryl Black
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Edlin Mr. & Mrs. Robert Goldstein Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Friedberg
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Furer Mr. & Mrs. David Graf Dr. & Mrs. Steven Gold
Mr. & Mrs. Erik Maschler Mr. Robert Harris Mr. & Mrs. Ron Itin
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Silberstein Mrs. Peggy Kabakow Mr. & Mrs. Eric Kleiner
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Mager Mr. & Mrs. Neal Klausner
Mr. & Mrs. David Schoeman Mr. & Mrs. Herb Lazarus
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Simon Rabbi Jordan Millstein &
Rabbi Paula Feldstein
The Pasternak Family
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Steinberg
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Weiss


Rachel – $18,000 – $24,999 Joseph – $10,000 – $17,999 Moses – $5,000 – $9,999
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Altman Mrs. Edith Easton Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Abad
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Ball Mr. Martin Fein & Ms. Hilary Eth Mr. & Mrs. Doug Brown
Brotherhood Ms. Elizabeth Halverstam Mrs. Evalyn Brownstein
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Caine Mr. & Mrs. Trevor Harris Mrs. Charlotte Eth
Mr. & Mrs. Darren Esser Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Hollender Drs. Jeffrey & Shari Goldman
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Marks Mr. & Mrs. Warren Katz Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Klein
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Matteson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Leventhal Mr. & Mrs. Loren Kleinman
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Seitelman Mr. & Mrs. Jason Schwartz Drs. Brian & Kim Landzberg
Mr. & Mrs. David Simson Mr. Isaac Shamah &
Cantor Nitza Amit-Shamah
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Adam Steinberg Mr. Dan & Hope Sherman Mr. & Mrs. Marc Rosenberg
Mrs. Debra Wolf Mr. Michael Sommer & Dr. Taya Glotzer Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Rosenfeld
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Sonkin Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schiffman
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Stewart Mr. Joseph Slade &
Ms. Alison Banger
Mr. Stuart Uram & Ms. Lillian Langotsky Ms. Shelly Winner
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Zlotnick Mr. & Mrs. Justin Wimpfheimer


Miriam – Up to $4,999
Mr. Piotr Broszkowski &
Anne-Marie Bennoun
Mr. Fred Brunswick
Mr. Jay Cohen &
Ms. Jennifer Krevitt
Mr. Norman Dorf
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Fleisher
Ms. Florence Friedman
Mr. Richard Gallagher & Ms. Amy Jaroslaw
Ms. Constance Garcia
Cantor & Mrs. Bernard Gutcheon
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Horbacewicz
Ms. Helen Karlsruher
Mr. & Mrs. David Klein
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Klein
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Kluger
Ms. Adelle Krauser
Mr. Jonathan Lester & Ms. Karen Lazan
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Osur
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Reichert
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Rosenbaum
Mrs. Bernice Gailing Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Schoenholz
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Silber
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tannenbaum
The Uram Family
Mr. Mark Weiser & Ms. Carissa Sachs
Ms. Sabra Waxman
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Wechter
Mr. Barry Zeveloff & Dr. Susan Zeveloff