Dear Friends,

After lighting the candles at Temple last night and praying that light be brought back into our homes this afternoon my family became one of the lucky ones to have power restored to our house.  I pray that the rest of you who still are in the dark this “Motzei Shabbat” (Lit:  the time after Shabbat leaves, i.e. Saturday night) have your electricity restored soon as well.  And may you find a gas station with less than a two hour wait!

In the meantime, there are many others whose problems are far worse than not having power in their homes or gas for their cars.  While the devastation on the Jersey Shore, Long Island and areas on the water in NYC are well known there are also people right here in Bergen County who were very hard hit by the storm.  Half a dozen levies gave way on the Hackensack River and water poured into a number of towns alongside it.  Moonachie, Little Ferry, and Carlstadt were flooded and many of their residents are now sleeping in shelters around the county with few or no possessions – some with just the clothes on their backs. This includes children who have no idea why this happened.

Matt Libien, Temple Sinai’s Tikkun Olam Committee chair, will be at Temple Sinai tomorrow morning  from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. collecting items to bring to those affected by the flood along the Hackensack River. Whatever is donated will be brought over to a collection point in Maywood and then will be distributed the same day. 

Here are the items needed:

Paper Soup Bowls, Plastic Spoons and Forks, Cases of Bottled Water, Canned Soup, Non-Perishable Food Items, Pet Food, Baby Formula, Diapers, Hand Sanitizer, Toiletries, Sweatshirts, New or Clean Used Clothes, Cleaning Supplies, Garbage Bags, Batteries, and Power Strips (Outlet Strips)

Matt will be driving them over himself.  But he could use some help.  If you have a truck or van and can drive to Maywood tomorrow to drop off these sorely needed supplies it would be a great mitzvah.  Also, Matt may need some people to help load his van and any other vehicles if we are fortunate to get a lot of donations.  Please contact Matt at  201-788-2077.

Also, I want to remind you that the blood mobile will be at Temple Sinai all morning tomorrow.  Please donate blood.  We will also be registering people for the bone marrow donor registry. 

And don’t forget that tomorrow is open house for our religious school families!

Shavua Tov – May you all have a much better week this week than last!